Grout & Pea Gravel Jobs                        Big Rock (3/4 in. Aggregate) Jobs
                                                                           3 Inch Line Mix.

     $ 70.00   PER HOUR  (2 HOUR MINIMUM)                              $ 80.00 PER HOUR  (3 HOUR MINIMUM)

     $ 6.00  PER YARD                                                                         $ 8.00  PER YARD

     $ 2.00   PER MILE AFTER  25 MILES                                       $ 2.00 PER MILE AFTER 25 MILES
     $ 25.00  PER RIG MOVE                                                              $ 40.00 PER RIG MOVE

     $ 1.00 PER FT.  AFTER 150 FT. OF HOSE                              $ 1.00 PER FT.  AFTER 150 FT.  HOSE                                     

*Customer must furnish water on the site, a place to clean out & a place to park Pump/Truck & Mixer Truck.  In the event of equipment failure we assume no responsibility for concrete, stand by time, labor or any other charges.  We are not responsible for delays caused by improper scheduling of concrete trucks, changes in graduation of aggregate or incorrect batching of concrete.  You are further notified that if bills for labor, services, equipment or materials furnished or which will be furnished are not paid, the property which is being improved & the improvement thereon may be subject to mechanics liens.

SCOTT MCCLOSKEY  OWNER / OPERATOR               License  # 834119
Office:  619-294-5800  Cell:  619-988-0321    
Serving San Diego County since 1986    References upon your request.